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 I have been searching for quite a long time for a laundry detergent that is natural, Australian made, economical and safe. After doing quite a lot of research online, I found an Aussie company which made a laundry detergent with all these qualities. I decided to put it to the test and here’s what I discovered. Just to note, we at SAHM are not paid to do any product reviews and are not affiliated with this company in any way.

First, a little bit of background about the company – Clean Conscience was founded in Tasmania by Tracey Duggan. Her idea was to develop cleaning products which were environmental, economical, safe to use and ethically sound (palm oil free and cruelty free). Her philosophies resonated with me immediately so I was really keen to give her products a go!

I bought a 1 kg tub of Clean Conscience eucalyptus super concentrated laundry powder at the start of August this year from their online store. I must admit, I was a little nervous, because upfront it seemed a bit pricey (1 kg for $15 plus $10 postage – it is also available in a 3kg, 10 kg or 20 kg package). Anyway, postage was quite fast from Tassie to my home in Queensland (I received it within a few days of ordering via standard Australia Post) so that impressed me.

The packaging is clean and simple – a white recyclable plastic screw top container with their labelling. Upon opening the container, I found the aroma of eucalyptus absolutely wonderful – the powder is very fine and light brown in colour. The powder is made up of very basic ingredients – powdered soap nuts, bicarb soda, washing soda and eucalyptus essential oil. The usage instructions are simple – 1 tablespoon of powder for a top-loader machine and ½ a tablespoon for a front-loader. The 1 kg container holds enough powder for 65 washes at approximately 23 cents per wash (top-loader) or 133 washes at 12 cents a wash (front-loader). The powder has no artificial additives like fragrances, colours, bulking agents or synthetic surfactants and is effective using either cold or hot water.

Now my usual washing practice averages about 1 to 2 full loads per day in my LG 7kg front-loader machine. This includes my family’s clothes, towels and bedlinen mostly. I found that the detergent did an all-round excellent job cleaning everything! The only thing it probably didn’t do was to immediately remove some food stains from my daughter’s white t-shirt (but I soaked it in napisan and washed it again and the stains were gone). My husband’s work clothes (he gets grease and sawdust and grime on his clothes all the time) came out looking bright and clean (except for some grease marks which had been there for months and are never going to budge!). The horrible armpit smell (sorry honey!) was eliminated also. The powder also does a beautiful job on the towels and bedlinen. I must say that everything in the wash came out soft and fresh smelling, with no detergent residue (which happened all the time with the supermarket brands).

As I mentioned before, the price worried me initially BUT it is now the middle of November and I have used only two thirds of the container I purchased in August. I truly believe I have more than got my money’s worth out of this detergent. That’s $25 well spent in my book! Clean Conscience sells their products through their website, but they also have stockists scattered around Australia (their stockist list is on their website) so if you have one of these near you, that will eliminate the postage cost and then this product will be even more economical!

All in all, I absolutely loved this product and the philosophy behind it. Visit for  this product and more of the Clean Conscience cleaning range.

(Product Review conducted by Admin Nic)

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 Back in 2005, Tracey Duggan was a fulltime firefighter – and then she developed a chemical sensitivity that led to rashes, nausea and other unpleasant side effects from coming into contact with a range of chemicals. Considering the job she was doing at the time, this sensitivity brought a few issues to light for Tracey in terms of some changes she needed to make to her lifestyle at home as well.  She was advised to reduce her chemical use, especially of cleaning products which are particularly harsh on the body.

It wasn’t all as simple as she’d hoped for either. Once Tracey began investigating, she discovered that it is hard to find truly natural products when you start actually reading the labels. She found issues with animal testing even in ‘natural products’, discovered that ‘plant derived’ means there are still chemicals in the process, and began to question where even the most natural ingredients were coming from. Tracey found that the majority of cleaners were made from palm oil – the production of which results in pollution and deforestation.  The more she investigated, the more disenchanted with ‘natural’ cleaning products she became.

From a health point of view, Tracey decided that the best way to be truly natural was to go back to Nanna’s ways: vinegar, water, soap, bi-carb – all ingredients that have been around for hundreds of years.

Once Tracey started cleaning with these traditional products, she began experimenting. One revelation Tracey had early on was that there was absolutely no need for new technology in cleaning. There have been products that do the job well for hundreds of years and it is only in recent times that companies have been trying to put a new spin on something that has worked very well on its own. Great from a marketing and sales perspective perhaps but not always beneficial to the consumer. 

Tracey explored the properties of essential oils, with a view to adding that little bit extra. They provided a tougher, grease cutting quality, as well as giving that nice fresh clean feeling.  All her products contain castile soap, which is a liquid made from oils that are 100% biodegradable. In fact, the only thing not biodegradable in all her products are those that contain bi-carb. Her laundry powder is made from India soap nut that she acquires through Fair Trade. It took a bit of investigation and effort but Tracey feels she’s achieved what she set out to do.

When Tracey developed these products she instantly got relief from her allergies. And at that point that was all she wanted – there was no intention of marketing them. But then a friend came to visit from the mainland with her daughter, who unfortunately had a terrible allergy to chemicals. Tracey shared her products with her friend, who was absolutely thrilled – and Clean Conscience was born.

The key message that Tracey wants to share is that natural cleaning products are just as effective as anything else. There is a perception that chemicals clean more but this isn’t necessarily true.

If you’d like to find out more about a local Tasmanian business born out of a real need visit theClean Conscience website (external link). You can  check the Clean Conscience range of cleaning products and find out who sells them in your area. 

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Clean Conscience - we love this NEW Aussie cleaning range

We are pleased to present another great Australian-made ethical product that lives up to its green claims -- and that works a treat!

Clean Conscience has gone into depth on the eco-integrity of all their ingredients. All products, except the laundry powder, are palm oil free (they are working to find a replacement).   The range is based on simple ingredients like bi-carb (Australian-sourced), organic castille soap, vinegar and essential oils.

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Review: Clean Conscience Natural Cleaners

Australian Environmentally Friendly Household Cleaning Product

Jul 3, 2008
Susan Whelan
Clean Conscience Natural Cleaners - Clean Conscience

Seeking to be more than just environmentally friendly, Clean Conscience products are based on pure, simple ingredients that produce effective cleaning results.

Based in Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state, Clean Conscience aims to ‘help reduce exposure to unhealthy chemicals for the sake of our planet, our children and future generations’.

Clean Conscience Natural Cleaning Product Range

There are four cleaning products produced by Clean Conscience based on natural ingredients such as Mountain spring water, castile soap, bicarb soda, essential oils, citrus seed extract, vegetable glycerine, washing soda and pure soap powder.

  • All Purpose Spray (eucalyptus, orange or lemon). This mild cleaner is suitable for most kitchen and bathroom surfaces such as counter tops, stovetops, whitegoods, tiles and toilets. The fragrances leave a light and fresh natural scent.
  • Creamy Cleanser(lemon, eucalyptus). This heavy duty cleanser is ideal for removing stains without harsh scratching and is particularly useful in the kitchen for removing stains from countertops and marks from coffee mugs and pans. It is effective on stainless steel and is a natural alternative to harsh chemical oven cleaners. It can also be used in bathrooms to remove soap scum, dirt and odours.
  • Window and Mirror Spray (peppermint). Suitable for all glass surfaces to leave a clean, streak-free finish with a pleasant natural scent. Pure essential oil of peppermint has the added advantage of being a natural fly repellent.
  • Laundry Powder (eucalyptus, lemon & lime, fragrance-free). Safe for septic and grey water systems, Clean Conscience laundry powder is an environmentally responsible alternative to many regular laundry products. Clothes are left clean and soft with a gentle fresh fragrance. The concentrated formula provides up to 64 washes per 2kg packet.

Encouraging Householders to Reuse, Renew and RecycleClean Conscience cleaning products are available in both standard and bulk sizes. The company encourages householders to purchase favourite products in bulk to reduce unnecessary packaging waste. A price incentive is offered with bulk purchases and refill containers. Retail outlets in Tasmania stocking Clean Conscience products can refill containers on site.

Pure, natural ingredients are used in Clean Conscience products resulting in concentrated, highly effective cleaners where only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired effect. There are no phosphates, chlorine, toxic petrochemicals, dyes, fillers or synthetics, ensuring that there is minimal impact on the environment.

Products are not tested on animals and product packaging is recyclable wherever possible. The company reuses or recycles any postal packaging they receive rather than unnecessarily purchasing bubble wrap or plastic packaging.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin and AllergiesThe absence of artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals makes Clean Conscience kinder to those prone to allergies, eczema and other skin sensitivities. The natural ingredients also make the products much safer to use on surfaces frequently touched by young children and pets.

Effective, Natural Cleaning Products

The Clean Conscience range of cleaning products offers householders the opportunity to purchase and use cleaners that are both environmentally friendly and effective. In addition, the prices are comparable to many products on the market, allowing consumers to make an effort to preserve their environment without causing undue stress to their household budget.

Current price lists are available at the Clean Conscience website. Orders can be placed online or products can be purchased directly from the stockists listed on site.