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Review: Clean Conscience Natural Cleaners

Australian Environmentally Friendly Household Cleaning Product

Jul 3, 2008
Susan Whelan
Clean Conscience Natural Cleaners - Clean Conscience

Seeking to be more than just environmentally friendly, Clean Conscience products are based on pure, simple ingredients that produce effective cleaning results.

Based in Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state, Clean Conscience aims to ‘help reduce exposure to unhealthy chemicals for the sake of our planet, our children and future generations’.

Clean Conscience Natural Cleaning Product Range

There are four cleaning products produced by Clean Conscience based on natural ingredients such as Mountain spring water, castile soap, bicarb soda, essential oils, citrus seed extract, vegetable glycerine, washing soda and pure soap powder.

  • All Purpose Spray (eucalyptus, orange or lemon). This mild cleaner is suitable for most kitchen and bathroom surfaces such as counter tops, stovetops, whitegoods, tiles and toilets. The fragrances leave a light and fresh natural scent.
  • Creamy Cleanser(lemon, eucalyptus). This heavy duty cleanser is ideal for removing stains without harsh scratching and is particularly useful in the kitchen for removing stains from countertops and marks from coffee mugs and pans. It is effective on stainless steel and is a natural alternative to harsh chemical oven cleaners. It can also be used in bathrooms to remove soap scum, dirt and odours.
  • Window and Mirror Spray (peppermint). Suitable for all glass surfaces to leave a clean, streak-free finish with a pleasant natural scent. Pure essential oil of peppermint has the added advantage of being a natural fly repellent.
  • Laundry Powder (eucalyptus, lemon & lime, fragrance-free). Safe for septic and grey water systems, Clean Conscience laundry powder is an environmentally responsible alternative to many regular laundry products. Clothes are left clean and soft with a gentle fresh fragrance. The concentrated formula provides up to 64 washes per 2kg packet.

Encouraging Householders to Reuse, Renew and RecycleClean Conscience cleaning products are available in both standard and bulk sizes. The company encourages householders to purchase favourite products in bulk to reduce unnecessary packaging waste. A price incentive is offered with bulk purchases and refill containers. Retail outlets in Tasmania stocking Clean Conscience products can refill containers on site.

Pure, natural ingredients are used in Clean Conscience products resulting in concentrated, highly effective cleaners where only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired effect. There are no phosphates, chlorine, toxic petrochemicals, dyes, fillers or synthetics, ensuring that there is minimal impact on the environment.

Products are not tested on animals and product packaging is recyclable wherever possible. The company reuses or recycles any postal packaging they receive rather than unnecessarily purchasing bubble wrap or plastic packaging.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin and AllergiesThe absence of artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals makes Clean Conscience kinder to those prone to allergies, eczema and other skin sensitivities. The natural ingredients also make the products much safer to use on surfaces frequently touched by young children and pets.

Effective, Natural Cleaning Products

The Clean Conscience range of cleaning products offers householders the opportunity to purchase and use cleaners that are both environmentally friendly and effective. In addition, the prices are comparable to many products on the market, allowing consumers to make an effort to preserve their environment without causing undue stress to their household budget.

Current price lists are available at the Clean Conscience website. Orders can be placed online or products can be purchased directly from the stockists listed on site.