CC Dishwashing Liquid August 05 2011, 0 Comments

Because our dishwashing liquid is a little different to all others on the market we would like to give you some information on this product so that you can make an informed decision before purchase.

 Why did we produce Clean Conscience dishwashing liquid?

Many natural dishwashing liquid labels will have a long list of chemical names, followed by the phrase “derived from palm” or “derived from coconut” the consumer is led to believe that these synthetic chemicals must be natural. Plant based ingredients undergo a chemical process to convert into a useable surfactant (surfactants are the chemical foaming agents used in dishwashing liquid to clean and makes bubbles) unfortunately the “plant based ingredient” you end up with after the chemical processing is usually anything but natural.
It is our belief that any product made using palm oil should not be classed as  eco friendly or cruelty free – for more info see Palm Oil

We pride ourselves on our honesty when it comes to disclosing our ingredients. No Greenwashing here. 
Our ingredients list is basic, simple and effective, as with all of our products the consumer can read the ingredients list and see for themselves how basic and safe the product is. 

 Why is it different?

 The positives

Cleans beautifully, leaves no residues, No need to rinse (low suds). 
Our main ingredient is liquid soap made from pure coconut and olive oil (not processed). Coconut oil has wonderful cleaning abilities but is gentle enough to wash your face with, making this an ideal product for those suffering from sensitive skin.
Pure liquid soap is 100% readily biodegradable.
Palm oil free, no synthetic surfactants, cruelty free.
Made in Tasmania using 100% Australian Ingredients.

 The Negatives

May need to use a little more than others on the market.
Will not hold its suds, will bubble up at first but the bubbles will dissipate (you need chemicals for lots of bubbles).
As there is no chemical surfactant (plant or otherwise) to emulsify fats and oils you may end up with a greasy film around the edge of your sink. This will not effect the cleaning of your dishes.



Note:  We offer a money back guarantee on all our products