The Borneo Project August 18 2011, 0 Comments

About This Calendar

The Rainforests of Asia hide some deadly secrets- Palm Oil & Paper Pulp Production as well as Illegal Logging is destroyingthem. Most people are unaware of the rapid & deadly destruction of theRainforests, the Orangutans and the 3,000 other species of Flora & Fauna only found in these Rainforests.  Most people are unaware that they are contributing to this destruction by purchasing products which contain palm oil,using virgin rainforest timber and by not using recycled paper products. The purpose of this calender was to raise awareness about these issues and to raisefunds to give to The Centre of Orangutan Protection & The Orangutan LandTrust.  Rainforests are important to the global ecosystem as they provide a home to many plants and animals, help stabilize the world's climate, protect against flood, drought, and erosion, area source for medicines and foods and support tribal people.

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