The Clean Conscience Difference August 26 2011

Forced to make lifestyle changes due to chemical sensitivities, what I put into and onto my body became vitally important.

The choice of ingredients for the Clean Conscience’ range was born out of frustration in trying to understand label ingredients whilst searching for natural cleaning products.

Natural or Green Ingredients….??

Not convinced with the bouncing bunnies, planet earths and green daisies adorning the “green product” labels I became an ingredient detective. I became disheartened with what I discovered.

Long ingredient lists, many containing fragrance, dye, preservatives, sodium laureth sulphate, alcohol/ethanol and a bunch of other ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce all in products marketed as  “green or eco friendly”

Claims of biodegradable, organic, sustainable and not tested on animals, claims of green and eco friendly and yet they state on the label “Caution..Keep out of reach of children”

Under closer scrutiny not one of these products lived up to their  “natural, green and safe claims.

I discovered that plant based ingredients made from palm or coconut oil undergo chemical processing to convert into a useable surfactant. (surfactants are the chemical foaming agents used in cleaning products to clean and makes bubbles)

Unfortunately the “plant based ingredient” you end up with after the chemical processing is anything but natural.

Those made with palm oil should not be classed as eco friendly or cruelty free.


 Basic simple and effective ingredients

The cleaning powers of bi-carb soda, vinegar, pure soap and essential oils are well known.  We use basic ingredients that have stood the test of time as safe and powerful cleaning agents.

 We believe in honesty and Ingredient Transparency….

Our ingredient list is basic and easy to decipher.We give our customers the power to make an informed decision by displaying a full ingredient disclosure list on our labels and website.

What you see is what you get, a basic, simple and safe product.

 We believe less is best….

A long list of ingredients does not deliver a better clean, in fact the longer the list the more likely that product may contain fillers and unnecessary ingredients. We only use the necessary active ingredients needed to create the product that will get the job done.

We believe in using resources that are already available....

Whilst I understand it (from a business sense)  I do not agree with the ongoing search for the latest and greatest green technology when it comes to  cleaning products.

There is a whole industry out there solely devoted to inventing the next “green chemical” for the cleaning industry.

History has shown new “greener technology always has some sort of negative environmental effect. Increase use of Resources is inevitable. New ingredients also need testing, testing will be conducted on aquatic life and most likely undergo animal testing to ensure the safety and environmental impact of these products. That on its own is good enough reason to stick to ingredients that are already available. We believe the development of new technology for a task such as cleaning is totally unnecessary.

 We believe in supporting Australian Business…

We source all of our ingredients from Australian companies wherever possible. In fact most of our product range is made completely with Australian sourced ingredients, if our ingredient is available in Australia we buy it from Australia. All of the ingredients we use are available from overseas and at a much cheaper price. However buying Australian made is important to us and fits in with our ethical standards. 

 We believe Great service comes from small business….

We really enjoy the relationship we share with our customers.
We love the fact that we can offer personalised and efficient service and we encourage customers to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback.

 We believe in karma and Simplicity

We do our best to live our lives incorporating these beliefs

We hope this reflects the way we run our business.