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Our Philosophy

Clean Conscience is a small company driven by a genuine interest in raising awareness about environmentally responsible products.

We believe in the power of one and in starting small to make a difference.

We also believe strongly in honesty about our products.

Clean Conscience is enormously proud that our products use only back to basic ingredients that contain no nasty chemicals, toxins or synthetics. See products for full ingredient listing.

We pride ourselves on our ingredient selection, manufacturing processes and ethical values to deliver an effective and hard working wholesome cleaning product with minimal impact on the environment.

This approach and philosophy extends to our choice of suppliers, resources included in manufacturing and employment of staff with matching ideals. At Clean Conscience we thoroughly research both the ingredients used in our products and the companies that supply them. This rigorous process ensures we can deliver a genuine, ethical and trustworthy eco cleaning product.

But most importantly it is our aim to get you thinking – about the products you purchase, what they contain and their effects on our valuable planet.