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I just wanted to say that we just got our box of cleaning products and tried them out this morning on the bathroom. I ordered them as a trial for our upcoming cleaning business, and wanted to use them around the house to start with. We will certainly be ordering the larger quantities after our cleaning experience this morning!I was literally amazed at how well they worked. I used the Lemon Myrtle spray on the bathroom basins, toilet, bath & tiles. It smelt wonderful and didnt at all irritate the nose, as do some of the semi-natural products that we currently use. The instructions didn't say to leave on for any length of time, but I always prefer to make the product work more than my arms, so I left it sitting on surfaces for 5 minutes (probably 10 on the bath by the time I got to it). the basins don't really hold the dirt being china so they wiped over just as they ordinarily would, but how th soap scum came off the bath was amazing. Just a swipe over, no extra effort needed and it was beautifully clean. The bathroom looked great, which made the soap-scummed clear glass shower screen stand out terribly. I always have trouble getting that looking great, but I thought I'd give your peppermint window cleaner a go. As before I left it for 5 minutes and after a 'little' more arm power than before, it looked sparkling at the top, but the bottom (where the scum is always the worst), it still looked a bit cloudy. Another spray & 5 minutes was enough to get off that residue that is so difficult to clean off properly with any other cleaner. I now have a sparkling bathroom (for a few days:-), and I couldn't be happier with your products. Consider us a new long-term customer! I'm sure our prospective cleaning clients will be as happy as we are with this fantastically effective natural product range!

Anita - Western Australia

March 2013


Dear Clean Conscience,

I have been meaning to write and tell you what terrific products you produce. I have been using your products for over 3 years and at any opportunity love to tell people of them and promote them if possible. I am so very pleased because since using Clean Conscience I do not have to wear rubber gloves to protect my hands to clean, and what a wonderful smell in the house - no overwhelming 'chemical' smell, which I am sure everyone is conditioned to mean something is clean - I know different!!I can stand in the shower, door closed and clean without worrying about passing out from chemical fumes - and may I say I do not have to use much elbow grease- that crummy scum comes away perfectly, and as for the peppermint window cleaner-OMG that is my favourite, but hang on, so is the Multi Purpose Spray and the Creamy Cleanser! I have my base cleaners and they cover the whole house, while under the kitchen sink has free space instead of rows of various cleaners falling over themselves. At the beginning, yes, I did have to make a gradual transition from the 'norm' of supermarket products and admit I kept them for a while whilst trying your cleaners - just in case- but I threw them out without a backward glance. I am very, very happy - Keep up the good work and thank you so much for making housework just that little bit more tolerable.

Janette - Mountain River Tas

January 2013


Hi, Your washing detergent is excellent. Apart from the fact I love the eucalyptus smell when I open the container, it washes so very well for me as I have a front loader that uses a small amount of water, so my machine is happy it is not getting soaped up.
Thank you for a great product.
Leigh - Hobart Tas

June 2011

Finally!! I've found a company with a conscience. I'm rapt to have discovered your website via
I've been searching for Palm Oil Free cleaning products and the internet search is exhausting - The amount of companies that claim to be Clean and Green and end up being not so green is incredible. Your products have ticked all the boxes and I'm so excited to try them.

Kate - Rye Victoria
July 2010


Hello Clean Conscience

My partner and I go dancing and he also goes to the gym, we wanted to use environmentally friendly washing powders but tried every single “Green” brand sold in the supermarkets and nothing worked, our dance and gym clothes smelt unwashed. That was till we saw your products at Salamanca markets and we tried a sample of your eucalyptus laundry powder. That is all we use now and everything is fresh and clean, our clothes smell great and our washing doesn’t have to cost the earth either, it’s all good.  


We now use your Lemon Myrtle multi-purpose spray and it’s brilliant, we clean our floors, the toilets, the kitchen and bathroom, everything in fact, except window glass and our wood furniture.


Will you be making a wood furniture polish, such as orange oils, soon?  




September 2010


Hi CC,


I’m happy to tell you that I am now accustomed to your new laundry powder and like it a lot – it did take me a while to get used to it………


I’m also VERY impressed with your laundry soaker.  I have a white Fila top that I got chocolate icecream on after about the 3rd time I wore it.  I used “Wonder soap” and “Sard” and a number of washes to no avail so had resigned to it being a “wear at home” top.  Thought I’d give your Laundry soaker a go so made a bit of a paste to rub on the stain and left it overnight.  Threw it in the normal wash the next day and now no stain - Fantastic!!




September 2010


Hi I just bought your kitchen spray today as I am interested in using “clean green” products. We will shortly be moving to an area with  an envirocycle  so won’t be able to use a lot of the products we have previously used, i.e., bleach etc. I have to say this is the first time I have used a cleaning product and raved about it. I am very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to try your other products and recommend them to my friends. I am hoping you have a dishwashing liquid available soon. Great to buy a local product which really does the job. The price was reasonable and if you are able to keep the prices competitive you will do well. Congratulations and good luck with your company.


Penny Brookes


August 2010



I don’t know if you remember me, I am Murray, we met on Sunday at the Botanical Gardens.

You said that your Laundry Soaker works and that you would refund my money if I found it did not do as you said.


Your money is safe.

I am very impressed with this product and the laundry powder I got is also good.

I am now going to get more products, especially the all purpose cleaner, and give it a go.




June 2010

On behalf of the Orang-utans “Thankyou So much” for giving up on Palmoil.

Hi, my name is Janelle (Nell) Tuero and l am a life member of B.O.S. and Australian Orang-utan Project and PALMOIL ACTION GROUP which the latter let the public know ALL about PALMOIL. Life has taught me that even though companies try to justify the use of PALMOIL and SUSTAINABLE PALMOIL that just because a company signs up to the R.S.P.O. only 3% could only be classed that. Every 3 minutes 9 football fields are destroyed to grow PALMOIL trees so l often ask how is this a “sustainable” product as there is now more palmoil plantations than rainforests!

l shall now promote your company with pride that FINALLY someone is willing to take a moral stand and with your permission would love to let companys know what you have done over this matter.

 l  myself am off to Malaysia and Borneo this May and shall see myself the damage done over this environmental disaster that is costing the lives of 55 Orang-utans EVERY WEEK plus the Sumartran Tiger, Pygmy Elephant and thousands of other plant and animal life.

                                        Thankyou again Nell and Orang-utans
March 2010

Just wanted to let you know that I love the cleaning products, they are all great. I use the kitchen one all the time and the creamy cleanser is great for the shower and for stainless steel (sinks etc).  The peppermint window cleaner actually works really well in making my gloss laminex really shiny. Love all of them and I never hesitate using them because they are not harmful.


August 2009

These cleaning products are superb!  As a sufferer of dermatitis, I’m often a bit nervous about coming into contact with the chemicals and detergents. Sometimes I even feel a reaction to residues left on surfaces (such as bench tops). But with 'Clean Conscience'  there was no reaction at all. I was astounded !  Even wearing gloves was unnecessary! What surprised me most was the effectiveness. Although not harsh on my hands, the cleaning is easy & powerful and the natural aroma is a pleasant bonus.

Anne Curtis
June 2009

Well what can I say the washing powder works well on my butcher clothes and also on my son McDonalds stuff. The yuckie smell has gone and i only use the washing powder didn't rinse with vinegar. (keep that one for later). Thanks again it is great stuff and the surface spray is good - the lemon smell last for a long time.

June 2009

Just a note to thank you for your incredible service. I ordered the products over the internet yesterday and they were delivered to my work before lunch today. Most impressive! I first came across Clean Conscience products at the sustainable living expo and purchased a sample pack which was great value.From using those products I have become converted. Not only do they actually work as promised but they smell fantastic, are well priced and are environmentally friendly. Congratulations on both great products and service I am very impressed on both fronts. Well done!!!

Leanne Preece
September 2008