All Natural Bicarb Soda


Sodium Bicarbonate (bicarb-soda)

Well known for its versatility, Bicarb Soda is a must have around the home with its multitude of uses. 

We source the most ethical and highest grade quality bicarb-soda available. Aluminium free, naturally harvested, food grade and certified Organic in the USA by OMRI; a leading USA and Canadian Organic Certifier.

Bicarb-soda is brilliant for cleaning just about everything and is especially effective for removing odours. A must have ingredient for making your own cleaning products!!

Below are just a few uses for bicarb-Soda around the home:

  • Mildly abrasive, perfect for removing stains from your sink, fridge, stove top, dishwasher, bench tops, bathroom tiles, tubs or shower recess. 
  • Remove tea and coffee stains from cups.
  • Mix castile soap, bicarb, water and your choice of essential oils to make your own CC creamy cleanser
  • Mix equal amounts of bicarb, soda ash and soap nut powder to make your own CC laundry powder
  • Eliminate odours from smelly shoes
  • Sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming to eliminate food and pet odours.   
  • Adding bicarb soda to your bath will relax aching muscles by neutralizing lactic acid, while softening the skin.  For a pampering and revitalizing bath soak, fill your bath tub with warm water and dissolve 2 cups of Sodium Bicarbonate into it - a 10 to 15 minute soak will make you feel regenerated at once !

Sizes available: 1kg, 1kg refill, 5kg refill and 10kg. 1kg size is packaged in reusable glass Jar. Refills are packaged in compostable brown bags.  10kg comes in white plastic bucket. Bucket can be refilled or re-used.


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